Suspended Chesterfield County Sheriff takes the stand in his own defense

Wednesday in the trial of suspended Chesterfield County Sheriff Sam Parker, Parker took the stand in his own defense.

He told the jury he never knowingly broke the law.

Parker is charged with Misconduct in Office, Embezzlement, and Furnishing Contraband to Inmates.

Over the last week, prosecutors have said Parker stole money from the county, gave guns away, and let two inmates do whatever they wanted, including allowing them to drive patrol cars and move out of the jail.

Parker testified on Wednesday that he would "never take money from the people of this (Chesterfield) county or anywhere else."

Parker said he allowed the two inmates to live at the county armory because they had work to do, and he had approval from state prison officials for them to live there.

He said he had no training on state rules for inmates until this investigation started and didn't know giving inmates the privileges he did was not appropriate.

"They complained all the time about not having family members about not having this about not having that. We wanted to give them a sense of value of life. You just can't sit back and let somebody think the world is as bad as it is," Parker told the jury.

Closing arguments are scheduled for Thursday morning.

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