State to seek death penalty against double murder suspect

Fonnelze Delaine

The state will seek the death penalty against a Florence County man charged in connection with a double murder in September of 2009.

Fonnelze Delaine is charged with accessory before the fact of murder in the deaths of Billy Hall, Jr., and his girlfriend Talya Poston. In court Friday afternoon, Solicitor Ed Clements said Delaine solicited the murders.

Previously, Clements said he was considering upgrading the charges against DeLaine to solicitation of murder. It's unclear if that will happen.

Hall and Poston were found shot to death on a dirt road in Florence County.

The solicitor's office says Delaine and two other suspects, Montez Barker and Laross Graham conspired to commit the crime. Barker and Graham are the suspected shooters. They are charged with murder.

Circuit Court Judge Michael Nettles today also denied bond for Delaine today due to the seriousness of the charges against him.

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