Search warrant details search of school shooting suspect's home

Police parked outside the suspect's home Tuesday night as they executed a search warrant. / Whitney Gramling

A short time after the 14-year-old Socastee High School shooting suspect was taken into custody Tuesday, the Horry County Police Department obtained a warrant to search his home.

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The warrant says police were looking for evidence in the shooting, like firearms or components, ammunition, ammunition bomb making materials, bombs, explosives, incendiary devices. They also said they would be searching for computers, laptops, computer memory storage devices, cell phones, PDAs, or any documents relating to the incident.

Following the search of the home, officers detailed the items seized from the home.

  • brown wooden box
  • 6 empty Federal 12 gauge shotgun shell boxes
  • 5 cigarette lighters
  • 2 plastic bags with 22 cal. casings
  • 1 marble composition notebook with handwritten entries
  • 1 Apple iPod
  • 2 exploded bomb pieces
  • gray metal box
  • HP Pavilion Computer Tower
  • drinking flask
  • 19 cut in half 12 gauge shotgun shells
  • shotgun shell wading
  • 1 latex Trojan condom
  • tin "Fossil" container
  • 5 exploded pipe bombs
  • 2 bottle caps
  • Crosman CO2 cartridges containing 14 cartridges
  • red Hersheys cardboard gift box containing handwritten letters
  • brown hard cardboard box with misc. bomb making pieces
  • empty box of Federal 38 cal. ammunition

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