Schallenberger sentenced to 10 years

Ryan Schallenberger in an earlier court appearrance.

The student who plotted to pull off a Columbine-inspired attack against his high school was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

19-year-old Ryan Schallenberger was a student at Chesterfield High School when the plot was foiled by his parents. Thursday, he was sentenced in federal court in Florence.

At the sentencing, Schallenberger addressed the judge and said how he was "very sorry and embarrassed about everything."

Schallenberger pled guilty back in August to two federal explosives charges in connection with the plot. Based on the plea deal, the judge sentenced him to 10 years in prison and 3 years probation after his release.

The judge says he is going to recommend to the Federal Bureau of Prisons that Schallenberger serve his time in a federal medical prison to treat what the defense described as depression and obsessive compulsive disorder.

When given the opportunity to speak, Schallenberger apologized to anyone that he "scared and affected" and said "the incident had nothing to do with the school or the students."

Afterwards, both sides said they were very happy with the outcome considering all that happened. Schallenberger's parents were in the courtroom. They were emotional, but were relieved with the judge's recommendation to house Schallenberger in a medical facility.

The U.S. Attorney's Office says that based on good behavior and time already served, Schallenberger could be out within 7 years.

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Schallenberger sentenced to 10 years

A Chesterfield County teenager who plotted to blow up his school was sentenced to 10 years in prison

In August, 19-year-old Ryan Schallenberger entered guilty pleas in connection with two federal explosives charges.

Last April, Schallenberger planned to carry out a Columbine inspired attack at Chesterfield High School, where he was a senior.

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(11:08am) SC teen sentencing scheduled in school attack plot

A South Carolina teen who admitted to planning to blow up his high school is scheduled to be sentenced on federal charges.

U.S. District Judge R. Bryan Harwell was set to approve the sentence Thursday in Florence.

Ryan Schallenberger pleaded guilty in August to receiving and attempting to receive an explosive and attempting to damage and destroy real property by explosive.

At that time, prosecutors and defense attorneys agreed to a 10-year prison sentence. The 19 year-old Chesterfield High School student could have faced up to 30 years in prison.

Defense attorney Bill Nettles says Schallenberger takes responsibility for what he did and has taken medication since being diagnosed for depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder.