Ride along with NMB K-9 unit during Bike Fest

The Bike Fest crowds are dwindling down, but police were still busy Sunday evening.

SLED, Horry County police, S.C. Highway Patrol, and North Myrtle Beach police were out in Atlantic Beach and the surrounding areas. The traffic was a complete 180 from Saturday


. It was moving smoothly with a few more cars and bikers, but nothing like the tens of thousands out the day before. Newschannel 15 rode along with Lance Cpl. William Norton, a patrol K-9 unit to see how Sunday fares.

"We're assigned 28th south to 16th south. We'll be monitoring those areas for any problems. Looking for safety violations and people getting out of hand," Norton said.

After his twelve hour shift, he didn't use his lab, Sam, once.

"That hasn't happened in the 8 years I've been here," he said. Norton adds the past two years have been fairly tame compared to years past.

"{There were problems like} fights. People smoking weed in public. Yeah it was bad."

More than 30 officers with North Myrtle Beach police were out in full force. L


Joe Turner with North Myrtle Beach police says Monday it will be back to standard operations. They may call in a couple extra officers on overtime, but nothing like the extra staff on duty over the weekend.