Police video sheds light on arrest

Krishmer Shamar Bessent

A police video is shedding new light on an arrest last month that resulted in injuries to an Horry County officer and suspect.

NewsChannel 15 obtained the dash cam video Friday through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Clearly, there was a fight between the officer and suspect in Little River, one that involved a Taser that police say was taken away from the officer.

Police say the Taser could have become a deadly weapon, and the officer was in a fight for his life.

While back-up officers raced to the scene, officer Charles Dean was already struggling to arrest Krishmer Shamar Bessent on a warrant for assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature.

The dash cam video from the back-up car shows two officers helping Dean subdue Bessent.

At one point, it appears Dean kicked Bessent in the stomach, though police say that was while the officers were still trying to get Bessent subdued.

"He is trying to affect the arrest, control the suspect. He's still fighting for his life," Sgt. Robert Kegler, Horry County Police, said.

Police say Bessent had managed to get Officer Dean's Taser away from him during the struggle, but Corporal Brian Wilson pulled the Taser away.

"You can see Corporal Wilson having to forcefully grab and rip it from the suspect's hands and toss it away, out of the reach of him," Kegler said.

On the dashcam video, many times after he was cuffed, Bessent, with his face bleeding, complained about being in pain and claimed he was beaten.

"You beat me up. What you beat me up for?" Bessent said. Officer Dean complained about being in pain, too. "I'm gonna have some x-rays," Officer Dean said

His back-up officers checked him out a few times before the ambulance arrived.

Police say the Taser was the key factor in the struggle. They say Bessent tried to fire it into the officer once and missed, and if he had managed to get another shot, Dean could have been seriously hurt or killed.

"The officer's incapacitated. The suspect has access to everything that's on the officer's belt, including his gun," Sgt. Kegler said.

Along with the original assault charges that he was being arrested for, Bessent is now also charged with assault and battery on a police officer while resisting arrest.

Officer Dean suffered a sprained wrist and black eye.

He has been cleared of any wrongdoing and will return to work next Monday.

The local chapter of the NAACP looked into the Bessent case, but has now dropped its investigation.