Police respond to nightclub 336 times in three years

Police respond to a fight at Club Taboo in July 2012

NewsChannel 15 requested information regarding how many times police have responded to Club Taboo on Second Loop Road in Florence within the past three years.

Major Carlos Raines says they've had 336 calls for service and dozens of incident reports from January 2010 to January 2013.

Last weekend, officers say two men robbed and fired shots at two people at the club.

Some residents living at a nearby apartment complex say they're concerned.

"Sometimes they be shooting and sometimes they be fighting out there in the parking lot," said Tommy Lee Ragin.

"I've heard shots at night. My daughter who lives here , she'll say, 'Well Mama was there a backfire shot?' and usually it's a shot," said Mary Frazier.

Some residents say they've asked police about measures to shutdown the club.

It has to be deemed to be in violation of the nuisance ordinance in order for that to happen.

However, Club Taboo has some supporters.

Kyleel Smith lives near the club and says he's never heard of any problems.

He believes extra police patrols and more club security could be the answer.

Kyleel Smith said, "I've passed by a few time and noticed that the club has been packed, and I feel that extra bouncers will help."

NewsChannel 15 called Club Taboo several times in effort to talk with the owner and manager, but never reached anyone for a comment.