Police: Mullins man killed because of car

Mikal Bethea / Courtesy: Dillon PD

Police say a former Mullins football stand out was shot and killed because of his car.

Overnight, police arrested three teenagers in connection for the murder of Bennie Anderson, 19. Matthew Cade, 17, Mikal Bethea, 17, and a juvenile, 16, face charges.

Police say the three didn't know Anderson, but just assumed he had a lot of money because of the accessories on his 2008 Kia Spectra. Anderson was sitting inside his car, talking with a friend at Dover Village Apartments in Dillon, Monday night. He had just gotten off work at a plant in Dillon.

According to police, three teens wearing bandanas over their faces came up to Anderson's car. One pointed a gun in his face and asked him for money. Officers say Anderson didn't have any money but gave the teens his wallet. That's when police say they shot him three times.

Anderson's parents say, as you can imagine, they're devastated by their son's killing. His father, also named Bennie Anderson, said, "Because he had some shiny rims on his car, they thought he had some money. That's why they did it, because he had rims - thinking he got money. You know, he was just like most of us living from paycheck to paycheck trying to survive."

Anderson was considered to be an exceptional football player for the Mullins High Auctioneers in 2009. His parents say he was expected to leave Mullins in May to join the Marines, which was his childhood dream.

The suspects are also charged with possesion of a weapon during the commission of a crime and armed robbery.

They will most likely go before a judge to be arraigned later in the week.

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