One man acquitted, one sentenced in Marion murder-for-hire trial

A jury acquitted James Herring of Solicitation to Commit a Felony following a two day trial at the Marion County Courthouse this week, according to Twelfth Circuit Solicitor Ed Clements.

Clements said jurors convicted Darryl Moran of Conspiracy, but acquitted him of Solicitation to Commit a Felony.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office arrested the men in 2010 following a year-long investigation that started in October of 2009, after deputies said Moran offered to pay Herring to murder someone.

Deputies never released the name of the person they believe Herring was supposed to kill.

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, Marion County Combined Drug Unit, and Dillon County Sheriff's Office assisted in the investigation.

Clements added Moran was sentenced to two years in prison and was given three years of probation.