North Myrtle Beach warns of phone scam

If someone calls you saying they are with "Crime Investigation" or some other law enforcement agency and saying the have a "legal affidavit," or "legal case file" against you, North Myrtle Beach Police say it may be a scam.

The caller will tell you police are on their way to arrest you , and tell you time is short and the matter is sensitive. They then give a number to call, according to North Myrtle Beach Public Safety, 980-263-2142. They'll tell you if you don't call they'll start procedures against you.

North Myrtle Beach Public Safety advises you to not call the number or send money. Ignore threats of arrest or jail. According to NMB Public Safety, "Law Enforcement does not conduct business in this fashion."

If you receive a call like that you're advised to hang up and call police.