New details about murder for hire scheme

New details are being released in the murder of a Mullins mother, shot inside a hotel room last year. Authorities say they believe someone killed her to keep her from taking the witness stand.

Last April, someone killed 29-year-old Kanisha McLaughlin at the Imperial Motel in Mullins. The mother of a young boy was shot in the head. While no one has been charged with killing Kanisha, in April police charged 33-year-old Karen Worley with accessory before the fact of murder and misprison of a felony in Kanisha's death. The latter charge means police believe Worley withheld information from police about the murder.

A judge denied bond for Worley saying it's best that she stay in jail for the time being. Police haven't said much about this case because they argue prematurely releasing any information could damage their investigation.

But recently in open court at the Florence City-County Complex, Solicitor Ed Clements says Kanisha was the victim of a murder for hire killing. Clements told the judge Kanisha was a confidential informant and was killed before the case went to trial.

Worley is one of two people arrested in connection with Kanisha's murder, but police aren't releasing the name of the second suspect and will only say he's charged with conspiracy. "The case is still on going and there are avenues and leads which are still being pursued at present," said Chief Kenneth Davis, Mullins Police Department.

Police believe the leads will eventually help them solve this case and give Kanisha McLaughlin's family the closure they need.

State police are also helping in this homicide investigation.