Murder suspect attacked in courtroom

Deputies arrested three men for assaulting George Cousins of McColl. / Tonya Brown

A murder suspect was attacked in a Marlboro County courtroom during bond hearing Tuesday.

Deputies arrested three men for assaulting George Cousins, 42, of McColl. He is charged with murder in the death of Tammy Norris last month outside of McColl. She was found shot to death inside a home. Police say she was Cousins' girlfriend.

Just before the bond hearing was to start, armed deputies escorted the victim's family to the front of the courtroom. At that point, one man ran to Cousins and punched him. It took six officers to control the man.

Before relatives could get involved, deputies took the man into custody and led him and the entire family out of the courtroom.

Deputies charged two of the victim's sons with contempt of court and arrested another in the parking lot of the courthouse for disorderly conduct.

During the melee, two deputies received minor cuts. Cousin was also slightly hurt, but is ok.

After 30 minutes, the judge called court back into session and warned others they would be held in contempt if they acted out of order.

Judge Howard King resumed the hearing and denied bond for Cousins considering him to be a flight risk. Judge King also considered Cousins could be a target in the community if released.

The judge arraigned those charged in the attack Tuesday afternoon. He denied bond for Joshua Norris and Nathaniel Norris. Both will face more charges yet to be named by the 4th Circuit Solicitor's Office.

During the arraignment, Judge King said he will not tolerate vigilante justice nor disrespect of court.

The Norris brothers are scheduled to be back in court September 13th.