Man shot and killed in grocery store

Suspect, Aubry Odum

A butcher at the Piggly Wiggly in Laurinburg turned himself into police, a short time after he says he gunned down a man inside the supermarket.

Police say the man shot was the butcher's ex-girlfriend's current boyfriend.

An investigator tells NewsChannel 15 the suspect got word the man who was dating his ex-girlfriend was coming to the store to hurt him.

Police say when the man arrived, the suspect shot him dead.

Three customers and 10 employees were inside the store when shots were fired.

Police say the butcher, 28-year-old Aubrey Odum, got news his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend was on his way to the store to kill him.

Police say when the boyfriend got there, Odum shot him three times, killing him.

Odum then drove to the Laurinburg Police Department and turned himself in.

The man killed was 35-year-old Brian McLean.

Police say McLean's girlfriend is the one who called Odum to tell him McLean was on his way to the grocery store.

Police have charged Aubrey Odum with first degree murder.

They tell us he does not have a criminal record.

He worked at the Piggly Wiggly for about eight years.