Man says he accidentally killed his close friend

Prentiss Edward Pouncy appeared in court Monday afternoon for a bond hearing.

He's charged in the shooting death of Gavin Jackson.

Jackson was found shot to death at a home on Woodrow Street in Bennettsville on December 31.

"Someone told us across the street that the suspect that did it went to a house down the street on Well Street. Later he was apprended and taken to the Bennettsville Police Department where he was questioned," said Lt. John B. Hepburn, with the Bennettsville Police Department.

Pouncy's attorney Mason King says the shooting was an accident.

King says Mason never meant to harm his dear friend, but made a deadly mistake.

"When in the process of cleaning his gun, it accidentally went off. And I think the solicitor is now trying to have some test done on the rag that was being used to clean that gun to see if there is any evidence, it may have some gunshot residue that may corroborate my client's story."

Police say Pouncy hid the stolen gun and removed the casing after the shooting.

They've recovered the gun, but not the casing.

Officers say they won't know for sure if it was an accident, until test results are in from the State Law Enforcement Division.

No word on when those test results will be complete.

Police say the victim's mother indicated to them that she felt the shooting probably was an accident.

Judge Edward B. Cottingham set Pouncy's bond at $25,000 and placed him on a curfew from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.

He has been ordered to have no contact with Jackson's family. If he violates the condition of his bond, it will be revoked.