Injuries and arrests reported after fight at Florence nightclub

Police outside Taboo Club early Sunday morning/Tonya Brown

Florence police responded to a fight that broke out at the Taboo Club on Second Loop Road early Sunday morning at 1:00 a.m.

Six people were arrested. Three went to the hospital with head injuries. They're expected to be non-life threatening, according to Major Carlos Raines.

Police were patroling the area when they heard a fight from what sounded like it was inside the club, Raines says. As they approached the parking lot, police were met by a bouncer, who was bleeding and said to call an ambulance because people were throwing chairs inside.

Raines says the incident likely started when one victim was hit in the face with an unknown object, and then the fight broke out.

Raines said no knives or guns were involved in this fight, but at one point someone tried to take a swing at an officer. Police also had to tase that combative suspect, Raines says.

Charges on those arrested included assault, assault on an officer, disorderly conduct, and drug possesion.

The full charges of those booked include:

Loc Huynh of Florence -Assault and Battery Third Degree (2 charges)

Liana Huynh of Florence - Assault and battery 2nd degree

Puhoc Huynh of Philadelphia, PA - Public disorderly conduct

Tai Huynh of Florence - Public disorderly conduct, drugs / possession of less than one gram of meth. or cocaine base, 1st offense

Du Duong of Brooklyn, NY - Resisting / assault, beat, or wound police serving process or while resisting arrest

Kiet Vuong of Brooklyn, NY - Assault and Battery Third Degree, Resisting / assault, beat, or wound police serving process or while resisting arrest