Hit & Run suspect in custody, victim's mother speaks

Myrtle Beach police say a woman who ran down three people in her car while stealing a purse has been detained in Georgia. Meanwhile, a woman who tried to stop the purse snatcher is fighting for her life.

50-year-old Brenda Williams of Conway is in critical condition after being run down while trying to stop a purse snatcher. Her family considers her a hero, but they're also worried she may never be able to walk again. Betty Bey isn't really surprised that her daughter Brenda tried to help an elderly woman whose handbag was being stolen at the Myrtle Beach K-Mart store. Bey says that's just the kind of thing Brenda would do - help a stranger in need.

"If that person looks down and out, she'll go up and give them a hug. And she was helping this lady cause the lady kept saying help me, help me, she's robbing me. And that's what she was trying to do," Bay said.

The doctor told Bey that Brenda is not responding to stimuli on her lower body and may be paralyzed below the waist. They hope to be able to do surgery on Brenda's spine next week.

"The doctor keeps saying, if she makes it, but she is gonna make it," said Bay.

Brenda is a single mother, with a 20-year-old son and 15-year-old daughter. Bey said Brenda's kids are struggling to get through this - and Bey is, too. Brenda's mother doesn't hold her feelings back, about what she'd like to see happen to the woman who ran over her daughter.

"I want to see her put away forever or executed."

Brenda's favorite niece, who calls her 'my angel,' says her aunt has open arms for everyone. And as Brenda Williams fights to stay alive, her niece refuses to speak of her in the past tense.

"She just treated everyone with love and kindness and was very caring, is very caring," said Derri DeWitt, Williams' niece.

Myrtle Beach police say the suspected purse snatcher has been found and arrested in Burke County, Georgia. They haven't identified her yet. They say her car has been impounded, and detectives are headed there to bring her back to Myrtle Beach.

The elderly woman whose purse was stolen was also run over, but police say she has been released from the hospital.

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Breaking: Woman detained in K-mart hit-and-run

NewsChannel 15 has learned authorities in Georgia have detained a woman thought to be the purse snatcher who seriously injured two people as she fled the scene.

Myrtle Beach detectives are on the way to Burke County, Georgia, to question the woman police are calling a "strong suspect." The woman's name is not yet being released, but a source close to the investigation said the woman's car has been impounded and will be processed shortly.

On Monday morning, a woman snatched a 73-year-old woman's purse as she stood in a check out line at the K-Mart on Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach.

According to an incident report, she ran from the store and toward her car. The 73-year-old began screaming, asked for help, and tried to follow the woman.

A man inside the store joined in the effort and so did a 50-year-old woman in the parking lot.

According to police, the man and the 50-year-old ran after the woman and lunged toward the car to stop her. The man grabbed the driver side door and bent it backward, while the woman jumped in and tried to stop the woman from leaving.

By th at time, the 73-year-old had made it to the car, but the suspect put the car in reverse and backed over the woman.

Police said the suspect also ran over the 50-year-old. NewsChannel 15 has learned that 50-year-old may be paralyzed, and the 73-year-old woman was hospitalized but has been released from the hospital.

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