Hells Angels hangout raided in Horry County

Hells Angels hangout Monday night.

NewsChannel 15 is taking a closer look into a police raid of a Hells Angels hangout in Horry County.

It happened Monday night on Highway 814, and is an ongoing investigation.

Police are staying tight lipped about the incident. Officers won't say why they were there or what they were looking for.

The captain of special operations did tell NewsChannel 15 they seized items from the house but he won't reveal what.

Neighbors aren't sure what was going on either they just know they were startled by the commotion. "It was loud and a lot of commotion. Police was all up and down the road."

A neighbor who didn't want to be identified thought she heard gunshots.

"It sounded like bombs going off. I thought they were shooting out with the police," a neighbor said.

The explosions turned out to be concussion grenades used to distract people as a SWAT team raided the house.

Officers from Horry County police, Myrtle Beach police, Greenville County sheriff's office and State Law Enforcement Division helped execute the search warrant.

They haven't revealed what they were looking for, but police did say they seized items.

"It was scary, stayed in the house pretty much, besides looking out the window, I was scared to look out the back door," a neighbor said.

NewsChannel 15 stopped by the clubhouse Tuesday. Not wanting to trespass we spoke with someone outside the gate who told us the search warrant is routine and it happens to the Hells Angels about every five years.

But to neighbors it was anything but normal. "It was scary to live that close by something like that. It was scary, scared my daughter," a neighbor said.

We talked with other neighbors too they don't have a problem with the Hells Angels hangout they're just curious what was going on.

As we reported Monday night police again stated this investigation is not drug related.

The Greenville County sheriff's office wouldn't release much information either, but did say they've executed similar search warrants in their area.