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      Head of Marion Bible college to plead guilty to federal crimes

      Reginald Wayne Miller

      Cathedral Bible College President Reginald Wayne Miller has signed an agreement to plead guilty to Fraud in Foreign Labor Contracting, Visa Fraud, and Willful Failure to Pay Minimum Wage Fraud, according to federal court documents.

      The plea agreement was signed on Friday, and a hearing is scheduled to take place on Wednesday.

      Federal agents arrested Miller in May on charges of forced labor against some of his international students at the Bible College in Marion.

      Some of the students attended the college on visas and worked at the school as well.

      The plea agreement says Miller knowingly made false promises regarding employment, made a false statement in an immigration document, and failed to pay minimum wage to employees.

      He faces $510,000 in fines and 20 years in prison.

      Miller pleaded not guilty to the charges when he was arrested.

      According to the initial indictment, eight students at the college said Miller threatened expulsion and therefore termination of their legal presence in the United States for noncompliance with his demands.

      The international students worked on the Marion campus on student visas, and the warrant says they were paid below minimum wage. It also says they endured work schedules that were outside the bounds of those permitted by federal regulations.

      The hearing will take place Wednesday at the Florence Federal Courthouse.