Grandparents sentenced for child abuse

Cheri Crawford.

A grandmother and grandfather from Chesterfield County will spend time in jail for abusing their grandchildren and making them wear shock collars used for dogs.

Monday morning, James Crawford, 60, and Cheri Crawford, 55, pleaded guilty to to abusing their three grandsons ages, 8, 10 and 12 last July.

The Crawfords forced one of the children to live in a mobile home with no water and electricity.

The boys were forced to use a bucket outside the home as a bathroom.

The Crawfords had legal custody of the children at the time.

Judge Brooks Goldsmith sentenced James Crawford to seven years in prison and Cheri Crawford to eight years in prison.

Assistant Deputy Solicitor Kendall Burch prosecuted the case. He tells us the children are now living in foster care.