Eight golf carts stolen in southern Horry County

Horry County police say eight golf carts were stolen over the Labor Day Weekend from beach access parking lots and homes within the Garden City and Surfside Beach areas.

Police say it appears the golf carts are being driven to a vehicle with a trailer, where they are being taken away.

If you have any information that would help police in their investigation, call them at 843-915-5350.

The Horry County Police Department offers these tips to reduce the risk of your golf cart being stolen:

  • Do not leave your key in the ignition of the golf cart when it is not occupied.
  • Secure your golf cart using a chain or boot of some sort.
  • Consider changing the ignition on your golf cart. A standard golf cart key may be able to fit the stock ignition and start multiple golf carts of the same model.
  • In addition, personalizing your golf cart with some type of markings or means of identification will make it easier in the event of its recovery.