Driver charged with DUI after hitting and dragging cyclist

Robert Louis Doss

Myrtle Beach police arrested a Virginia man after they say he hit a cyclist, then dragged the bike and the victim for more than 60 feet. Robert Louis Doss, 75, of Bristol Virginia is charged with DUI and Failure to Yield Right-of-way. According to police the victim suffered a broken arm.

Saturday afternoon a Myrtle Beach police officer stopped at the scene of a Jeep pulled over on highway 17 business near Mr. Joe White Avenue. According to the police report, the officer noticed a bicycle and a person pinned underneath the Jeep.

The officer noticed the smell of alcohol coming from Doss and when asked why he took so long to stop he replied "he did not realize what was going on." Doss also admitted to having three beers earlier in the day, according to the report.

When the officer performed field sobriety tests the report says Doss visibly swayed and did not complete one of the tests. After being arrested Doss refused to submit a breath sample.