DNR officer says he surprised burglars

When Department of Natural Resources officer Benji Byers stopped at his home he had no idea what he was in for, Tuesday afternoon.

His intuition that something was odd has landed two people in jail on charges of burglary second degree.

Byers saw a strange van in his neighbor's yard on Highway 341 near Johnsonville.

A few minutes later he heard the alarm go off. "I knew something wasn't right because I've never heard the alarm at that home go off. And I've been here 10 years," said Byers.

He then heard someone in the van blowing the horn. At that point, Byers drove over to his neighbors home and followed the van as it pulled out of the driveway.

He eventually stopped the vehicle. Johnsonville police assisted in the traffic stop. The officers soon realized the man and woman inside the van had burglarized the home.

They say the couple stole two flat screen televisions and threw them out on Benton Drive. Officers recovered the TVs and say one was taken from the Johnsonville home and the other from a break-in at a home in the Scranton community, earlier Tuesday.

The couple was taken into custody and booked at the Florence County Detention Center. Their names haven't been released.

Byers says he's glad he was able to help in nabbing the suspected burglars. "All happened so fast. Still trying to piece together everything." He says the suspects will face additional charges.

The Florence County Sheriff's Office is also helping in this investigation. We're told more information will be released Wednesday.