Deputies: Florence Woman posted sexual encounters at public places on Facebook

Ciara Mack

Ciara Mack, 22, is charged with three counts of Sex/Indecent Exposure and three counts of Disseminating Procuring Or Promoting Obscenity.

Investigators with the Florence County Sheriff's Office say Mack had sex at public places including parks and posted videos of those encounters on her Facebook page.

According to arrest warrants released Tuesday, Mack was videotaped dancing naked on a picnic table and playing on playground equipment in the nude at public parks.

Mack and another person shot the video at Savannah Grove Park, according to one warrant.

It said Mack and another person "exposed themselves in many different manners and exhibited sexual behavior in the public park."

One of the arrest warrants also said Mack shot videos of herself performing sexual acts on another person underneath a bridge in Florence.

The sheriff's office began investigating last week after getting complaints about the videos on Mack's Facebook page.

The lead investigator talked about the nature of the videos during Mack's bond hearing Monday afternoon. "Throughout the video, they started exhibiting any type of sexual behavior upon some people in the park. I didn't see any persons other than adults that were involved in the video. We started looking into the incident a little bit more and we started finding other videos that were being posted under the same name and the same Facebook account," said Investigator William Hess.

Hess added that Facebook has temporarily shut down Mack's account.

Mack talked extensively during her bond hearing. She said her Facebook account had been hacked. "I'm gonna be real truthful with you. On some of the videos I was forced to do it. I really didn't want to. Everybody that was in the video was 21 or older. My Facebook account has been hacked. That is not me that are posting the videos on Facebook. My phone was stolen. I did these videos a while back a long time ago. I did these videos. Whoever has my phone is uploading these videos trying to make it seem like that's me," said Mack.

Mack cried throughout the hearing about the situation.

Florence County Magistrate Judge Belinda Timmons set Mack's bond at $30,000.

She also explained to Mack how the Facebook postings have affected the community. "Florence County is really in an uproar with what has taken place on your Facebook, what took place at public parks. They have concerns with their children at the park," said Timmons.

Mack is scheduled to appear in court on the charges again in July.

More arrests are expected in connection to this case. Deputies tell us they are looking for two people in connection to the inappropriate online postings.

We also learned Tuesday that Florence police charged Mack with Shoplifting in an unrelated incident.