Conway man arrested after collars cut into dog's neck

Dog shown in the backyard of the Evelyn Drive home / Courtesy: HCPD

Horry County police charged Len Eldon Crenshaw, 40, with ill treatment of animals, a felony.

"I felt sorry for it out there without shelter, you know, especially," said neighbor Emma Moore.

With the owner's permission, Moore says she fed the dog when she could. "I was very concerned about it, and someone else came and saw it and was outraged about it."

Moore said that person reported the dog's condition.

Earlier this week, officers found the yellow lab with several collars embedded in its neck at Crenshaw's home on Evelyn Drive outside Conway. The dog's injuries were potentially deadly because of where they were on its body.

Police say "the overall living conditions of the animal were unsatisfactory" as well.

"He has a deep wound, sort of an abrasion, but it's a deep abrasion where the skins actually filleted open," said Kelly Bonone, Operation Manager at Horry County Animal Care Center.

The wound is now cleaned, and from a distance, the dog looks completely normal.

Bonone says when he came in he was nervous and skittish.

Today, he's jumping around, and Moore has even checked up on him. "It looked like it was happy, if that's possible to determine. It wagged its tail, and it looked comfortable."

"He is on medical treatment, so he is getting some pain relief, some antibiotic therapy, so he's very happy to have the ability to move around and get some attention," added Bonone.

Animal cruelty cases are not unheard of. In the last year, the City of Conway has dealt with ten of them and four are still pending.

If you see an animal that you think is being mistreated, officials say call the police so they can investigate.

Under the law, owners are required to properly feed their animals, provide clean water, and adequate shelter.

Crenshaw is out of jail on bond.