Chesterfield County now has custody of roosters seized during cockfighting bust

Chesterfield County has Custody

A judge turned over custody of 103 roosters confiscated in what police say was a cockfighting operation to Chesterfield County during a hearing Monday morning, according to the Fourth Circuit Solicitor's Office.

Officials say it's now up to Chesterfield County to determine what will happen to the birds.

Deputies said the cockfighting operation took place at a location near McBee last week.

About 25 birds died, according to an incident report.

46 people were charged with Cockfighting.

Officers seized blades, spurs, drugs and nearly $13,000.

The 103 surviving roosters are being housed at an undisclosed location in Chesterfield County.

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue out of Charlotte is taking care of the birds and hopes the county will allow the roosters to go to a bird sanctuary.