Bond set for attempted abduction suspect

Shaun Taylor at his bond hearing Thursday.

A Myrtle Beach judge set bond Thursday morning for the McClellanville man charged in connection to a failed kidnapping attempt on Ocean Boulevard last week.

Shaun Taylor, 37, is charged with attempted kidnapping and first degree assault and battery.

Judge Scott Long set Taylor's bail at $50,000 for the attempted kidnapping charge and $20,000 for the assault charge. Long also instructed Taylor to have no contact with the victim in the case.

Myrtle Beach police say Taylor is one of three men who tried to abduct a 20-year-old Tennessee woman last Wednesday.

In court Thursday, Taylor told the judge he had nothing to do with the incident.

"This charge right here, I don't know anything about," Taylor said to the judge.

A Myrtle Beach detective asked the judge to set an appropriate bond, but told the court Taylor posed a danger to the community. Judge Long said Taylor's criminal history was somewhat of a concern, but told Taylor "it always registers well" when someone surrenders to police, as Taylor did Wednesday.

The botched abduction happened in front of the BlueWater Resort near 22nd Avenue North in Myrtle Beach. That is the same spot from which missing spring breaker Brittanee Drexel vanished April 25, 2009.

The same task force created to investigate the Drexel case is also investigating the failed kidnapping. For more on the possible link between the two cases, click here.

Taylor told the judge he wasn't in Myrtle Beach last Wednesday and said he couldn't have grabbed anyone because he had "three screws in (his) shoulder" that prevented him from doing any lifting.

Taylor waived his right to a public defender and indicated to the court he had a private lawyer.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

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