Arson suspected in 3 house fires

108 year old historic mansion on Highway 19

Three homes, three fires and all of them were within just a few miles of each other near Loris.

Since the homes were all close together, unoccupied and burned within just a few hours of each other late Thursday night, police say there are just too many similarities to think the rash of fires was just a coincidence.

Jacqueline Mishoe owns the 108-year-old historic mansion a few miles outside of Loris that caught fire Friday morning. Mishoe, 83, can't imagine why anyone would want to set fire to her local landmark.

"Don't think I would have an enemy that would do anything like this. I've tried to be nice to people and I don't have the slightest idea," Mishoe said.

Horry County police don't know either, but they do suspect that whoever started that fire, also set another home on fire a few miles away on Ole Maple Drive and a third home on Three Curve Rd.

That fire sent huge flames into the air and left little more than rubble behind.

Police tell NewsChannel 15 it all adds up to indicate these fires weren't just random events.

"All three fires are showing a definite similarity as to how they occurred and how they started and we have reason to believe they are all related to each other," Sgt. Robert Kegler said.

None of the homes were occupied and no one was hurt, but battling three major fires within just a few hours of each other put a huge burden on local firefighters.

Though Jacqueline Mishoe doesn't live in the home that was damaged, the mansion gets plenty of use as the setting for local weddings and banquets. She often lets folks use it for free.

Mishoe is determined to restore the home to its former glory.

"I hope to get it fixed up before I die," she said.

Horry County and Loris firefighters were involved in putting out those fires.

Anyone with information about these suspicious fires is urged to call Horry County police. You can remain anonymous.