Arrests made in purse snatching in Conway Walmart parking lot

Bernadette Baker

Conway Police arrested three people in connection with a purse-snatching that happened in the Walmart parking lot.

Darryl McKenith, 21, of Aynor, Bernadette Baker, 31, of Conway, and Janella Johnson, 18, of Conway are all charged in connection with the purse-snatching that happened Thursday evening.

Just before 5:00 p.m., a Conway Police dispatcher received a call about a possible robbery in the Walmart parking lot. The caller reported witnessing the robbery and was following the suspects' vehicle.

When officers spotted the vehicle and stopped it, they say a man in the car took off running.

After a short foot chase, officers arrested McKenith.

Police say McKenith and his accomplices, Baker and Johnson, were riding through the parking lot, when he got out of the vehicle, approached the victim's shopping cart, and snatched her purse.

Investigators say the victim struggled with McKenith over her purse, but she was eventually overpowered.

The suspect then left in the car. The victim received minor injuries which did not require medical treatment.

McKenith, Baker, and Johnson appeared before Judge Jane Mackey this morning for bond hearings.

McKenith received a $15,000 surety bond on the charge of Strong Arm Robbery and a $5,000 surety bond on the charge of Criminal Conspiracy.

Baker and Johnson each received a $5,000 surety bond on the charge of Criminal Conspiracy.