Argument over ex-girlfriend leads to attempted murder charge

Ryan Culvern Scott

A 30-year-old man was arrested Sunday on attempted murder charges after witnesses say he pulled a gun while arguing over a past girlfriend.

Ryan Culvern Scott, 30, was charged with attempted murder and possesion of a controlled substance by Myrtle Beach police, according to police reports.

A 36-year-old man told officers that he and Scott were at arguing over a past girlfriend at a Kings Highway bar. The man said he was trying to diffuse the situation and get Scott to shake his hand.

That's when Scott said "I should blow your brains out," according to the police report.

Scott grabbed a pistol from his waistband but was restrained by other witnesses and the gun taken away from him.

When officers arrived a witness was sitting on top of Scott. Scott was taken to the hospital because he was intoxicated, the report said. He was also searched and police found pills in his pocket.

He was charged with attempted murder and possession of a controlled substance.