You, me, and Gluten free

If there's a diet that can help people lose weight fast, you can bet it will become an instant craze and the Gluten Free Diet is no exception.

Gluten is the protein found in wheat products and many people lose weight avoiding it.

Bi-Lo Store manager Greg Esper says Gluten Free products have always been available, but now labels are reflecting it.

"You can see we carry several gluten free products right here in the cereal aisle that have not always been advertised as such," says Esper.

This change in advertising may be due to an increase in people learning they have a gluten intolerance, and because more people are trying gluten free diets.

Gluten free items are in such demand that the Bi-Lo had to expand their freezer section just to accommodate customers needs.

So, is it safe for people without a gluten intolerance?

"For those people who are trying many diets this is definitely one that's doable," says dietician Kelly Rose.

Rose adds grocery stores make these strict diets more accessible to everyone. "Pretty much anything you want that had gluten in it, you can get without"

She does warn that a gluten free diet may not be the solution to everyone's weight loss problems and encourages diets that decrease portion sizes than those that get rid of a specific item.

Most stores use labels on their items, or create gluten free sections to define these products.

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