Understand Alzheimers: Murrells Inlet couple cope with the disease

Bob and Sue Vogel

Millions of loved ones will spend billions of hours caring for someone with Alzheimers every year.

Bob and Sue Vogel are living with the memory robbing disease.

Bob was diagnosed in May, and the news hit hard. Sue says of the diagnosis, "I kind of knew this is where we were going to be headed, because he's third generation, but it still felt like someone hit me in the solar plexus."

Sue says she noticed something wasn't quite right with Bob about four years ago. "His driving skills weren't what they used to be, because he used to do all the driving. He used to make all the decisions. I took care of the bills and things, but I never would have thought to make a purchase without saying to him first, 'Hey I'm going to go out and buy a chair for the living room,' and he'd say, "Yeah, I'll come along.' All of a sudden something changed."

She says simple things Bob used to do, became more difficult. For example she says, "Figuring out a tip on a restaurant bill. He couldn't do it anymore. I mean he used to do million dollar budgets and now he can't figure out 10%, 15% of a $30 tab?"

Sue says living with Alzheimers is something she and Bob are approaching one day at a time.

She says, "You just take each day. If he's having a good day and he wants to go to the beach and it's warm and sunny, we pack up and go. And if the housework doesn't get done, it doesn't get done, because I don't know how many more of these days we're going to have."

Tuesday night, on WPDE NewsChannel 15 at 11 hear from a doctor who specializes in treating Alzheimers, and what he says is being done to treat and prevent the disease.

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