Traffic limited into Rowland, NC after storms sweep through

Storm damage in Rowland, NC Saturday afternoon. / Tonya Brown

A small North Carolina town about eight miles north of Dillon County was hit pretty hard by the storm.

In fact, as of 10:30 p.m Saturday night the entire community of Rowland is still without power. Chief John Reeves, with Rowland's police department, says he's restric t ing who he's allowing into the town.

"Right now, we have it to where if you're not a resident of Rowland we're not allowing you in. It's just too dangerous. We have live power lines on the ground and we're trying to do it for public safety."

Most of the damage happened around east Main Street within the city limits.

A huge oak tree slammed onto a house and crushed two cars.

In other areas several trees blocked roads and a tree nearly splt a man's barn in half.

Rowland resident Desmond Ragman describes what he heard when the storm came through, " s ound like train. It got louder and louder and louder and then I was like whatever, I just took a nap. I woke up windows busted out my house and electricity gone."

S everal first responders in Dillon County are helping Rowland police.