Not your mama's Red Cross

Dozens came out to Georgetown Sunday afternoon to dedicate the newest chapter office of the American Red Cross, off Screven St.

The building is named after Erma Rosen, a Georgetown woman who made it her family's mission to get as much help as possible for Red Cross blood drives.

"I'm not sure I can even talk. That was Dad's first office. And that was his other one across the street," her son, Dick Rosen, who resides in Myrtle Beach told the crowd.

Red Cross Executive Director Nanci Conley hopes the new office will get more people excited about volunteering with the organization. It's an organization that Regional CEO Scott Salemme says is made up os 98 percent volunteers.

The office will mostly be used as a satellite office for volunteer recruitment, but these are volunteers who aren't just used for blood drives, they do a lot more.

"Whether it's volunteers who are providing support for military families when their sons and daughters deploy domestically or overseas,it's the volunteers that deploy to single family fires and other disasters throughout our community," Salemme said.

Volunteers have been deployed across the state to assist victims of tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods. Volunteers even help teach classes on what to do should weapons of mass destruction attack happen in the United States. They also hold the largest Christmas charity dinner in the state, serving 5,000 on Christmas Day.