Myrtle Beach boy battling ADD with Neuro Feedback

Neuro feedback has been around for decades, and it's giving one young man diagnosed with ADD a new outlook on life.

"I get very frustrated sometimes," said eleven-year-old Julien Lancrerot. "I scream, just scream and cry."

Unlocking what's inside his mind has always been difficult for Julien, and those moments of frustration took a toll on his family.

"When his anxiety gets up, it's heartbreaking," said Julien's mother, Jennifer.

His grades were below average and sometimes even failing.

Jennifer didn't want to put her son on medication.

"When is it going to be finished?" said Jennifer. "How long do you just need to keep taking medication until when, until forever?"

According to the Centers for Disease Control, eight percent of three to 17-year-old are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.

To combat a disorder that affects so many without medicine, Jennifer found neuro feedback.

"It's an exercise for the brain," said Doctor Lise McCann Falcone. "It's like going to the gym."

McCann Falcone said it gives patients dealing with ADD, ADHD, PTSD and many other disorders a 76 percent rate of success.

"It is a method to strengthen the brain wave activity," said the doctor. "Usually one brain wave is working out of synch or out of time."

Dr. McCann Falcone said Julien's brain waves weren't the wrong brain waves, they were just occuring at the wrong time.

The BrainCore Therapy she uses puts nodes linked to the patient's brain activity to make sure the correct waves are working at the right time.

Julien's brain waves, like other struggling with ADD, act as if he were sleeping when he's wide awake, which make it difficult to express himself.

The therapy is connected a screen playing a movie or game and with the correct brain wave activity, the therapy keeps going.

When it's the incorrect wave, therapy movie stops, teaching the brain how to connect.

"The brain is self regulating," said Dr. McCann Falcone. "So very quickly the brain goes, 'Oh. When I do this, the movie plays, and I like the movie playing'. That's how we retrain the brain waves... I think it took this long for our technology to catch up with the research to tell you the truth. The time has come for an alternative method."

The method has turned Julien's life around and has given him a chance to unlock what's in his mind.

"I made an F to a B in social studies, and I really improved," said Julien.

"His anxiety has gone down tremendously, and he feels confident in his own skin," said Jennifer.

One Nuero Feedback visit costs $100 per treatment and takes 20 sessions to complete, and most insurance does not cover it.

Doctor McCann Falcone said she believes that one reason some haven't heard of the treatment.

She is starting a foundation called "FOCUS" to raise money for parents who can't afford Neuro Feedback for their own children struggling with ADD.