How far would you go to prevent breast cancer? One woman's story

Talk of actress Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy in order to eliminate her chances of breast cancer has flooded social media sites across the web.

Pam Osborne, a real estate agent, part owner of Osborne's Inc., and breast cancer survivor says talk of breast removal hasn't always been that way.

Osborne was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma in her right breast in 1998 and decided to have a double mastectomy to prevent the cancer from spreading.

"It's a different choice for every woman, but that was what was right for me. I never wanted to hear another doctor tell me that I had breast cancer," Osborne said.

Osborne has always been vocal about her experience with breast cancer, but said it was basically unheard of when she was diagnosed 15 years ago.

"I did this interview for the Florence Morning News on this, and it was on the front page that I had both breasts removed. I actually had people call me and say 'you can't say that.' And I said, 'well, I think you can," Osborne said.

She continues to do that through a photo album she made with snapshots of the many procedures she was put through in order to be cancer-free.

"I took photographs from the beginning to the end and kind of kept notes of what stages I was in. If one of my doctors or somebody that I know is going through breast cancer and they've got questions, they're welcome to come get my book and go through it. I think it answers a lot of questions," Osborne added.

She said the most important lesson she learned through this experience is the importance of early detection, and hopes Jolie's announcement will encourage people to be aware as well.