House overrides worker training, college vetoes

The South Carolina House has voted 112-1 to override Gov. Nikki Haley's veto of $108 million in spending from a rainy day account to train Boeing workers, repair college buildings and buy equipment to fight wildfires.

Wednesday's override vote sends the veto to the Senate. A two-thirds vote is required there, too. The rainy day account is used to cover shortfalls. Legislators spend it on one-time projects when the state has surpluses and then replenish it later.

Haley argued legislators should hold onto the money. Haley also vetoed 34 items adding up to $105 million in the state's $6 billion spending plan.

Those reductions would cut $95 million from public schools. The vetoes cut $56 million from per-student classroom spending and $12 million from school bus replacement plans.