FMU, USC medical school has temporary home in Florence

The University of South Carolina and Francis Marion University will house their new regional medical school in the Florence City Center building until construction on a new facility is complete.

The Medical Education Center will be built at the intersection of South Irby and West Evans Streets in downtown Florence where the old Trust building once stood.

It was demolished to make way for the new medical school.

The clinical campus will educate third and fourth year medical students.

This year, third year medical students from USC are completing one-week of their clinical rotations at the Florence campus.

The plan is to relocate about a dozen medical students to Florence to complete all of their rotations for the 2015-16 academic year.

The school's assistant dean, Dr. William Hester, believes the school will offer a great education for students because it also partners with McLeod Health and Carolinas Hospital System.

"To bring third year medical students and fourth year medical students to take advantage of being trained in a rural community. Being trained by physicians who are in day to day practice, seeing real life patients up close and personal," said Dr. Hester.

Construction on the school's three-story $15 million facility is expected to be completed in the summer of 2016.