Firefighters teaching it's more than just stop, drop and roll

The latest U.S. Fire Administration statistics show 2,555 people died in fire related deaths in the United States in 2010.

On Saturday, the Myrtle Beach Fire Department promoted fire safety with the hopes of preventing these tragedies in our community.

"We want the public to know we're here to teach them about fire safety," said Lt. Christian Sliker.

At the department's 38th Avenue North station, firefighters and department employees pulled resources together to teach the necessary steps to prevent a fire.

"They have a 911 booth here where you practice calling 911," said Myrtle Beach resident Scott Tucker. Tucker brought his son Wayne to the fire prevention expo.

"He's gotten to practice putting out a fire," said Tucker. "He knows what to do. It's just important to have all of this in a young kids life."

But the kids weren't the only ones learning at the expo. Some moms and dads learned they've neglected to make a plan.

"Everyone thinks it won't happen to them," said Kim Cooper, a mother of four children. "I'm not thinking that my kids know what to do either. So that worried me. So that's something I'm going to go home and work it out and get us a plan."

Those plans need multiple options, said Sliker.

"We want to make sure people have escape plans in their house. We want to make sure they're practicing escape drills, making sure their children know at least two ways out of the house," said Sliker. "That is the theme for fire safety week, making sure people have two ways out of their house at all time."

"I hate to admit it, but I haven't done that yet but we will now," said Tucker.