FDA releases graphic cigarette labels

This is one nine images that cigarette companies will have to put on their packaging.

Tuesday, the Food Drug Administration released images and phrases that the cigarette industry will be forced to put on all their packaging and advertisement by September 2012.

The labels show images as subtle as a man smoking with the phrase that says "cigarettes are addictive" to images as graphic as a human corpse with the phrase that says "smoking can kill you."

The FDA says these warnings are the first changes in more than 25 years and are a significant advancement in communicating the dangers of smoking.

The administration estimates that more than 1200 Americans are killed by cigarettes in one day killing one out of every five people.

The FDA hopes these warnings will have a significant public health impact by decreasing the number of smokers, resulting in lives saved, increased life expectancy, and lower medical costs.

Click here to see the images.

Tell us what you think. Do you think the new FDA images on cigarettes are warranted?