Clean your vents and stop coughing!

It may seem like common sense to just turn on the heat indoors when it gets cold outside.

But as weeks go by, buildup occurs inside your air vents, and not properly cleaning them can cause harm to both your house and your health.

A & I Fire and Water Restoration's Darrin Keener said this especially becomes a problem during the winter months because of people cranking up the heat indoors.

"When they do that, it pushes the debris and some of the dust," Keener said.

This makes it difficult for those suffering from allergies and asthma to breathe.

Keener said the solution is simple, though - clean your air ducts. Now is the perfect time of year to do so.

"We recommend doing it this time of year because you have a lower moisture content with the humidity being lower, it brings the humidity down in the ducts. It's a little easier to clean," Keener said.

He said the process of doing so is fairly quick, inexpensive, and could help save your health this winter.

"We have a brush with a vacuum system that we run through the duct line and basically sweep it out and vacuum out the debris and residue."

A & I Fire and Water Restoration recommends always keeping the surface of your vents clean, but also having them professionally cleaned inside at least once a year.