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      CCU takes on cancer one step at a time

      More than 1,000 Coastal Carolina University students and community members were superheroes Friday night.

      Their mission: find a cure for cancer.

      From 7 p.m. Friday to 7 a.m. Saturday, they're participating in a Relay for Life.

      This year's theme is superhero e s.

      Jessica Finne, Relay for Life co-chair , explained the reasoning behind this year's theme.

      "Superhero e s, when you think of it as a little kid they're who you want to be. Superman and Batman and all those other superhero e s are really your idol and our cancer survivors are really our idol and its who we work for as we find a cure for cancer," Finne said.

      Coastal Carolina University hopes to raise $119,540 in honor of the year CCU was founded, 1954.