Vandalism causes school bus delays in Horry County

Two people vandalized 20 school buses parked in a lot next to Loris High School and a classroom at Loris High School early Thursday morning.

Surveillance video, which NewsChannel 15 is trying to obtain, shows two young men causing the damage between 1:22 and 2:09 a.m. One is wearing a mask. The other is wearing a shirt over his face. The suspects sprayed a fire extinguisher through a broken window in a classroom.

Horry County's school bus transportation supervisor Jim Wright says 25 bus tires were slashed, and the suspects broke windows and spray painted graffiti.

The year "2012" was spray painted on one of the buses. Horry County Schools' spokesperson Teal Britton said, "It looks like a bad senior prank."

The vandalism caused a minor delay of about 15 minutes for some students attending Loris High School. Wright says buses had to be pulled in from other parts of the district.

State investigators will be reviewing the damage, and Britton says she hopes evidence collected there will lead to an arrest.

Earlier this morning, the district told us 40 buses were vandalized. That number was revised later in the day to 20.

Loris Police are investigating. Call 756-4000 if you have any information.

The school district hopes to have all but two buses fixed today.

Expect updates to this story throughout the day.