Timmonsville School District facing cuts

Photo Credit: Tonya Brown

Some employees of the Timmonsville School District will lose their jobs, but we won't know which ones for a few weeks.

The school board met Thursday afternoon to discuss the budget deficit. The Director of the Division of Finance and Data Analysis for the Timmonsville School District, Mamie Tedder, told the board it's coming up thousands of dollars short every month.

She says the loss of stimulus funds and state budget cuts have really hurt the district.

School Board Chairperson Rose Bacot said if they don't make mid-year cuts, they may have to look at another option. "From right now to the end of this school year, we've got to keep these doors open. And if we don't keep these doors open, it's bankruptcy."

The district superintendent, Dr. Bertha McCants, says she doesn't think they're at the point of bankruptcy yet, but jobs will be cut in the next couple of weeks.

At this point, the board isn't sure which positions it will eliminate. They plan to meet again next Tuesday.