Tense moments for parents, students after shooting at Socastee HS

Anxious students text their parents outside Socastee High Tuesday

Once news of Tuesday's shooting at Socastee High spread, hundreds of parents rushed down to the school to check on their children. Police shutdown part of Highway 707, so parents had to park and walk to the school. About 1,400 students attend the school, so it was not a small incident.

We witnessed more than one tearful reunion as parents located their children.

When Sara Warner got a phone call from her daughter saying the school was on code red, panic set in.

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She immediately raced to Socastee High and did not feel at ease until she held her daughter in her arms. "It's great (to see her)! That was scary. (I'm) very happy," Warner told us.

Students describe the scene inside the school as crazy, partly because they didn't know what was happening.

"I was really scared. It was terrifying," one student told us.

In light of Tuesday's events, safety is on the forefront of everyone's mind.

"I went to school here. I graduated from here. Nothing like this ever happened when I was here, but it can happen anywhere," said Warner.

Metal detectors weren't used at Socastee High Tuesday, but they will be the rest of the week.

All students will be searched as they enter school.

School will start on a one hour delay Wednesday at Socastee High. That's partly because when the school issued the code red, students and staff just walked out and many left their belongings.