South Carolina schools get graded

The results of the 13th annual state district and school report cards were released Friday, showing significant improvement among schools and districts.

Thirty school districts received a rating of Excellent this year, compared to only one in 2009. Only two school districts received an Absolute rating of At Risk.

In our area, Darlington County, Dillon District 3, Florence District 1, and Georgetown County school districts all received ratings of "Excellent."

Florence 5 and Horry County districts received a "Good" rating.

Dillon 4, Florence 2, Florence 3, and Marion County school districts are rated "Average."

Marlboro County and Florence 4 received a grade of "Below Average."

Click here for a breakdown of all the schools and districts in the state.

"I am so proud of the great progress that our schools have made in increasing our graduation rates," said State Superintendent Dr. Mick Zais. "Teachers, students, and parents have worked together all year long and earned these gains. Let's congratulate them and continue doing our best working as one team to move South Carolina forward."

A significant increase occurred in school district rankings from 2010 to 2013, according to the state Department of Education. The number of districts ranked "average" declined by half with large increases seen in districts ranked "good" and "excellent." The number of districts ranked "below average" declined by more than half and the number of "at risk" districts dropped significantly.

The report says the number of "average schools" decreased by 87 while the number of schools ranked "excellent" increased by 158 from 2010 to 2013. The number of "at risk" and "below average" schools dropped significantly during the same time frame while the number of "good" schools increased.