Some question why principal not coming back next school term

Some parents in Florence School District Four, also known as Timmonsville schools, are upset that Dr. William McCall won't returning as the principal of Timmonsville Middle and High Schools next school term.

School board members said they voted in support of Superintendent Andre Boyd's recommendation against McCall returning as principal.

One board member said McCall could possibly come back next term as a classroom teacher.

McCall said he's pretty shocked by the board's decision.

In his time as principal, he says the schools' growth and graduation rates have gone up, as the community's image of the district has improved.

"I was shocked. Nevertheless, I'm not going to let that stop me from doing what I here to do. Because I love what I do. If people don't want me to stand up for what I do, then I am sorry about that. And I may need to leave. I have done what I was here to do. I have demonstrated, I have. I felt that I proved myself. But nevertheless, everybody has their opinion and we have to deal with it," said McCall.

Some parents added the decision to replace McCall is senseless and a detriment to the schools.

"He has always been here for these kids. He's always tried to instill values. He's always tried to make them do right. Don't disregard or hurt him for being the man that he is. He instills good in these kids," said Pam Howard.

Jimmy Lee Hampton said, "When you got a man and actually running the school doing a good job, we want to get rid of him. That's why Timmonsville will never grow. People want to run the school and not be a participant on knowing what's going on."

Parents are hoping the board and Dr.Boyd will reconsider their decision.

Dr. Boyd said he can't comment on the situation until after July 1 when all school vacancies are filled.