Socastee HS on 1-hour delay Wednesday, following shooting

(Updated 7:14pm) Socastee High School will operate on a one hour delay Wednesday morning because of the amount of time needed to get students into the school and through security checkpoints.

Horry County school officials say metal detectors were not in use Tuesday, when a student fired a shot inside the office of the school resource officer. The officer was not hit by the bullet, but did sustain shrapnel wounds. Metal detectors are used in Horry County schools, but not every school and not every day. The student, a 9th grader, is in custody. His name is not being released because of his age. Police have not said what charges he faces.

Late Tuesday, Horry County police also confirmed that several suspicious devices were found inside the school. Police say the devices are connected to the shooting investigation. Bomb squad teams are working to "render the devices safe."

For Wednesday, staff will arrive at the normal school start time. Students should delay one hour. Once they arrive at school, they'll all enter through the metal detectors and we're told each student will be searched.