School bomb threat note read "Evacuate Now Or Kids Will Die"

A 15-year-old Myrtle Beach High School student accused of making a bomb threat appeared in a court hearing Friday morning.

At 1:20 p.m. Wednesday, a note saying, "There is A Bomb In The Building Set To Detonate At 1:45 Evacuate Now Or Kids Will Die," was given to the school's resource officer by a different student.

That student told the officer the accused juvenile gave it to him and that the accused was scared, according to the officer's testimony.

After an investigation, police arrested the 15-year-old and charged him with Conveying False Information Regarding the Attempted Use of a Destructive Device.

Horry County Assistant Solicitor Mike Freeman called School Resource Officer Spencer Clark and Myrtle Beach Detective Steven Clothier to testify.

The boy gave at least seven different accounts of the events, according to Clothier.

One story included, "An unknown person approached him in the central stairwell and told him to turn him in the note because I'm going to quote 'black kids are known to get into trouble'," Clothier said. "Then he stated he never took the note and that the unknown man fled. This unknown male ultimately dropped the note and so he picked it up and he advised that the person went downstairs and he was wearing an orange shirt," Clothier said.

But surveillance video contradicted the suspect's story.

Each time police would catch the boy in a lie, he would agree to finally tell the truth, according to Clothier.

The boy did admit in the interview that he wrote the note to get out of school, though the reason that he finally gave was that someone was bothering him, Clothier said.

"I asked him once again if someone was bothering him, he decided to turn in the bomb threat so you could get out of school and that you could be safe from this person, he replied, 'yes sir,'" Clothier said in court.

Clothier and Clark agreed the boy was not a threat to society and could be released back into the custody of his family.

But Judge Ronald Norton ordered the boy to be detained until his next hearing because of the severity of the charge.

On January 29, the boy will be allowed to request a jury trial or plead guilty to the charge, according to Freeman.

School records that were revealed in court showed the juvenile was a good academic student at Myrtle Beach High, but he was suspended for nine days once for fighting.

The defense called the 15-year-old's mother and reverend to testify on his behalf.

The mother believed she would be able to control her son at home.

Her son was given the note by another student whom he was afraid of, the mother said.

"I told him he should have told the truth from the beginning," his mother said in court. "He was afraid that if he would have told, because the guy lived in the area, he would have gotten caught, something would happen."

More than one thousand students were excuated from the school in less than 25 minutes, according to Clark.