Professor Scott, in the classroom, with the baseball bat

Ok... We gave it away, but only after students at Horry Georgetown Technical College figured it out.

Tuesday, the criminal justice class had to piece together a homicide.

Their criminal justice professor, Jeffrey Scott, turned the classroom into a murder scene to teach the students how to process it.

"You may not always get the evidence you're looking for. You have to take the pieces of the puzzle and work with it the best that you can," said Bobby Jordan, one of the students.

The students learned a process called "stringing" which helps investigators determine the where the blood came from.

"It's very important because you want to know what type of weapon was used or instrument was used and with the stringing of the blood, that's where we find the point of origin meaning the point of impact, and that way we can basically tell where the person was standing or the suspect, and we can tell whether the victim was leaning or lying down or sitting," explains student Matthew Graham.

Once the students figured out what weapon was used, they used the evidence to determine it was Professor Scott, in the classroom with the baseball bat.

Watch the video to see the students process the scene, but be warned: If the sight of blood makes you squeamish, you may want to skip it.