Lake City schools face deep cuts, tax increase

      The Lake City schools superintendent laid out next year's budget which includes deep cuts and a tax increase.

      According to the proposal, several middle school teachers and elementary school positions will be eliminated.

      A total of 24 full time positions will be cut.

      The budget also calls for a spending freeze and several reductions to programs.

      The $22 million balanced budget also calls for a 5.8 mil tax increase.

      This was the second reading of the budget, the school board will take a final vote on the budget Thursday night.

      Here's a look at some of the cuts proposed in the 2012-2013 budget:

      The $22,339,293 balanced budget includes a 5.8 mil tax increase as well as deep spending cuts.

      Included is the elimination of 24 FTEs (full-time equivalent) for a savings of an estimated $1,128,000. The positions to be eliminated/reduced are:

      • â?¢ 2 - Middle School Teaching Positions

      • â?¢ 1 - Middle School Administrative Assistant Position

      • â?¢ 1 - Elementary Administrative Position (1/2 Assistant Principal) (1/2 Guidance)

      • â?¢ 2 - Elementary Teaching Positions as a result of removing elementary students from ACE

      • â?¢ 3 - Career Development Facilitators (duties to be handled by guidance department)

      • â?¢ 1 - Administrative position at ACE

      • â?¢ 1 - ADEPT coordinator (duties to be handled by district administration)

      • â?¢ 13 - Retirements and resignations (3 middle school teachers, 9 elementary teachers and 1 elementary administrator)

      The district will make every effort to place those employees affected by the reductions into positions that become vacant as a result of more retirements and resignations that may occur as the end of the school year draws closer.

      Additional cuts were made in the following areas:

      • â?¢ A reduction of 7 contract days for all 237 day employees (with the exception of the maintenance department). There are 37 employees that will be impacted by this including all administrators and the superintendent - $71,858.

      • â?¢ TAP Payout Reductions = $378,546 (TAP is the Teacher Advancement Program which provides bonuses to certified staff based on a school's improvement on standardized testing as well as classroom observations)

      • â?¢ Longevity Program (Suspended) = $40,000 (This program pays $500 to employees when they reach a 5, 10, 15 and 20 consecutive years of employment with the district.)

      • â?¢ Technology Reduction = $29,700

      • â?¢ Spending Freeze for last Quarter of this fiscal year =$50,000

      • â?¢ 25% cut in travel = $22,478

      • â?¢ 25% cut in Supplies = $101,230

      • â?¢ 50% reduction in General Fund dollars going to Family Literacy =$50,000.